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The Center of Jewish Studies and the Library

So as to ensure the duration and further development of the Christian Center of Jewish Studies at Ratisbonne, the Congregation of the Religious of Our Lady of Sion in 1984 gave the Holy See its Ratisbonne property, on condition that the Holy See commit itself to ensuring its life and prosperity, as stated in the legal contract. The Religious of Sion always remained involved in the center''s functioning, but without assuming direct responsibility for it.

In 1998, the study center became a Pontifical Institute, but three years later, in 2001, the Congregation for Catholic Education decreed unilaterally that the Pontifical Center of Jewish Studies at Ratisbonne be closed. However, according to the agreement made with the Holy See in 1984, the Religious of Our Lady of Sion kept a part of the Ratisbonne building for themselves as their living quarters and for community activities.

Thus, the Congregation of the Religious of Our Lady of Sion has again set up its library on its premises at Saint Peter of Sion - Ratisbonne. The library specializes in Jewish studies; the space includes room for teaching, in continuity with activities corresponding to its vocation, in relationship with the Jewish people, and in accord with the directives of the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council.

The library is open for reading and consultation on the spot from Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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